Inge van Bergen

My passion is to take you on a journey to explore your potentials to live the life YOU want.

Are you ready to get YOURSELF unstuck?

Are you ready to overcome YOUR fears?

Are you ready to change your mindset about YOU?

Are you ready to create YOUR LIFE and start living now!


I follow passionate my yourney of life. I feel connected to life by connecting to people and nature. I love exploring nature in the mountains by hiking and cycling  and recently discoverded the beauty of the sea world by snorkling and diving in Bonaire, our new habitat.  By emigrating to Bonaire I stepped outside my comfortzone and dived  into the unknown. Leaving my land of security in the Netherlands and  a new home and a Life Fulfilling Job by using my physical and mental potentials.

I am a mother of 2 children and together with my partner we form a patchwork familie with 5 children.

I studied Health Science at the University of Maastricht en Physiotherapie and I am a licensed Life Coach.

I love coaching YOU and guiding you in your personal transformation.